Oléron STP Paint manufacturer in Marennes, France

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Oléron STP is a manufacturer of professional paints and coatings for the building industry based in Marennes, next to l’ïle d’Oléron.

Created in 1947, it’s been more than 70 years that the company has concentrated its know-how in the formulation of water-based and solvent-based paints, coatings, varnishes and wood stains.

Oléron STP joined the Technima Group in 2013.

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The commercial area of Oléron STP extends over France.

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Oléron STP is a subcontractor for the Technima Group.

Oléron STP also manufactures bulk and DIY paints via its brand OLÉRON PROTECT. These paints are intended for professional building painters but also for individuals wishing to acquire high-end paints and coatings.

The brand is available in several totally complementary ranges:

  • MAX PROTECT : High-end traditional coatings and very high quality outdoor/facade paints.
  • INTRA PROTECT : High-end interior design paints.
  • OLE PROTECT : Grass paints, ideal for your line markings on soccer fields, rugby fields, tennis courts, etc.
  • BOIS PROTECT : Paints for renovation or painting work on wooden surfaces of all kinds.
  • FER PROTECT : High quality paints to perform various paint jobs on steel or ferrous metals.
  • FLOOR PROTECT : A range of paints and coatings to cover your different types of floors (cement, concrete, tiles, mortar, patching, etc.). 
Oléron STP Brands
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