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STANGER is one of the German subsidiaries of the Technima group.

Created in 1978, the company is active in three sectors of activity which are office supplies, hobbies and industry.

The company joined the Technima group in 2022.

The Sales Network of

STANGER‘s sales area covers Germany, Holland, Poland, Czech Republic, Russia and some regions outside Europe.

What will you find

STANGER has a great know-how in several fields :

  • GLUES AND ADHESIVES : For the retail and industrial markets. Glue tubes, cyano-acrylate glues (super glue type), water-based glues (vinyl wood glue), solvent-based glues (of which a large part is in aerosol).
  • BULK AND AEROSOL PAINTS : For marking and the leisure market.
  • OFFICE AND LEISURE SUPPLIES : Markers, highlighters, erasers, glues, etc.
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