Technima Nordic Northern Europe Area

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Technima Nordic is the Swedish subsidiary of Technima Group.

Technima Nordic was created in 2009, following the acquisition by the Technima Group of the MERCALIN brand, Scandinavian leader in the aerosol marking market.

The Sales Network of

The Technima Nordic commercial area extends across Northern Europe (Scandinavia) including Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Iceland.

What will you find

Technima Nordic is the official distributor of SOPPEC products and MERCALIN products in Northern Europe.

You’ll find products for:

  • CONSTRUCTION : Marking spray paints and complementary products for the construction sector.
  • FORESTRY : Marking spray paints and complementary products for the forestry sector.
  • LINE MARKING : Floor marking paints and stencils for signage markets.
  • EVENTS : Temporary marking spray paints and special paints for event markets.
  • INDUSTRIAL TOUCH UP PAINTS : Industrial spray paints for protection, finishing or coloring of substrates.
  • INDUSTRIAL MAINTENANCE : Technical sprays with the main function of protection, cleaning and lubrication of parts, gears, and industrial machinery.
  • ACCESSORIES : Marking accessories of all kinds: Marking trolleys, paint guns, marking rods, chalk lines etc.
Technima Nordic Brands
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